Landscaping and Snow Removal


Altitude Facility Services Landscaping Division has a variety of services to assist you with your commercial and residential landscaping needs. We specialize in scheduled maintenance, irrigation systems, sod lawn services, exterior lighting, and all landscape needs for your home or business.  Our team is skilled at helping you establish a budget and plan that fits your needs.

Landscaping will not only improve the overall visual asthetics to your home or business, it can also increase it’s value.  It is a vital advantage to attract potential customers to business and a well planned and applied landscaping can provide trees for shade, shrubs to direct cooling breezes, and open areas for the accumulation to block winter snow from pathways, driveways and parking areas.  Paths and walkways help to keep mud and water from being tracked into your building or home, and can actually save money on cleaning or replacement flooring to your interior, by keeping it cleaner with proper, and maintained walkways and parking lots. 

This is why you need to call a professional landscaping company like Altitude Facility Services. Different types of businesses or homes require different types of landscaping, and we want to put your personal touch into it as well.  Rest assured that you will get the most appeal, with ease of care when you hire Altitude Facility Services to carry out your landscaping needs.

Salting, de-icing and snow removal

Snow removal is just as important as landscaping during the winter season.  If you have a commercial business or a commercial residential property,  you can rely on us to take care of the snow and ice at your property.  Because your clients needs during snowy and icy weather should be a top priority.  

Call us, Altitude Facility Services, the Denver Metro landscaping installation and maintenance experts today, at 303-688-ALTA (2582). Let’s get to work on getting your premises in the most engaging shape, to give you that superior edge in the shortest possible time.